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I’ve been teaching courses and holding workshops for awhile, so if you need a course or a workshop based on anything I’ve done before or know about, don’t hesitate to ask.

My speciality is to hold a course at your location tailored to your specific needs. Contact me (details below) if you want me to hold a course or a workshop for you and your company. Usually, my courses run from a few hours to a few days, fitting a modern business, but I can hold longer university-style courses when needed.

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Lean UX & Lean Startup - Experimental discovery of user and business needs

Agile UX - Superb collaboration between the client and the implementer

Modern UX - Best practices for user experience research & design today and tomorrow

Product Discovery - Framework for needs & requirements before and during Agile Delivery

Design Thinking - Human-centered strategic product development

Innovation tools - Result-focused innovation and creativity spurs

Building the right thing in the right way - Organisational maturity and transformation

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Agile 101